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100% natural hardwood lump bbq charcoal for sale

BBQ Charcoal

We manufacture and export top quality bbq charcoal for sale at the best prices for charcoal briquettes in the world.

EN plus A1 wood pellets for sale

Wood Pellets

Buy high quality wood pellets for domestic and commercial use. We Supply pellets in bulk at the best market rate.

buy firewood in bulk

Firewood in bulk

We supply bulk kiln dried firewood all year round. Our Firewood comes from different species (oak, alder, beech, ash, poplar, eucalyptus)

epal euro pallets for sale

EPAL Euro Pallets

Order Wholesale EPAL Euro Pallets from us weekly. This is where to buy euro pallets in bulk cheap. Used and new Pallets for sale

Wholesale firewood supplier

Europe's №1 Supplier of Firewood and Charcoal

Firma Ustugowo-Handlowa Jacek Lesiak . is a market leader in the manufacturing and wholesale supply of wood products such as wood pellets for heat, energy, and animal bedding, wood briquettes, EPAL Euro pallets, and other wood related products.

We are a Polish based company and we supply worldwide. Our activities have resulted in an unrivaled supply network that has fueled our growth in the market.

When you purchase high-end wood peoducts from Firma Ustugowo HJL, you can breathe easier knowing you are ordering the best quality wood products for your clients, As there’s no need for your clients to worry about the dangerous emissions they might experience with inferior firewood. Do not hesitate to contact us today for your bulk wood supply

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