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When you buy wholesale firewood online from us, you can rest assured that our products are: Available in different species (oak, alder, beech, ash, poplar, eucalyptus) Sourced from sustainable woodlands. Rated to have a low (15-20%) moisture level. Free of mildew, fungus and insects. Checked for producing minimized smoke and harmful.

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We supply bulk kiln dried firewood all year round, container loads of logs ready for immediate dispatch, we can supply crates and nets without the hassle or financial risk that comes with buying overseas. Buy Wholesale Kiln Dried firewood Logs from Poland – Beech Logs, Hornbeam Logs, Oak logs and Nets of Beech Logs

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Wholesale firewood supplier, Firewood Source can supply your business with firewood all year round. Our network of European saw mills provides Oak, Beech and Ash as premium firewood which is kiln dried. Wholesale firewood logs, supplied by Firewood Source. UK supplier of wholesale logs, and importers of firewood, kiln dried logs, kindling.